How can Warid LTE offer more speed then Zong LTE?

I've used both Warid's 4G LTE and Zong's 4G LTE. I noticed that warid is providing 4G coverage in almost all areas of Lahore. On the other hand, there is very limited coverage of Zong 4G.

Warid is offering speed of up to 15mbps (checked with during day time and up to 20mbps during night.

While zong's 4G speed is never more then 7 or 8mbps.

Both companies are providing same LTE, then why is there such a big difference in quality and coverage? Any idea.

4G LTE is simply the name of a technology standard ... how much speed you get depends on the actual implementation: the equipment, infrastructure. the capacity etc.

It's not that simple. Besides, the stats of LTE speeds and coverage vary highly among different areas and cities of Pak. In Karachi, Zong's LTE is faster than Warid's, not sure about whose coverage is better though...