How Can I Shield Rooftop and Wall from Sunlight?

I live on the top floor of a house. The South and West are both open, meaning there is no house there to block the breeze. Or the direct summer sunlight! This makes the concrete on the West side of the house, and the roof boiling hot. Stepping in from the outside is like walking into an oven, literally how visitors during summer describe it.

I would like to know how to insulate the rooftop and Western wall (top floor only) so the direct sunshine doesn't make it feel like I'm headed to Venus and yet we stand tall Mars. Seriously, it gets insanely hot and there are a few hours of relief, before the dreaded sun comes back. I thought about providing a green tarp cover across the roof. This would provide a covered area to sit on the rooftop as well, which is currently unused. And any plants I set there are incinerated by the sun. The expensive part of this effort is likely to be the initial structure (metal poles).

Are there alternatives to this method? And what about the wall? Any way provide shade to at least part of the wall? I am concerned about the aesthetics and cost matters!

I am sure I am not the first person to face this situation. I am burning to hear your advice.

You could use reflective paint for the walls.

There are a few ways to beat the heat. I will only mention

those which have met with some modicum of success


Uncle got hold of a bunch of asbestos sheets and

put them up on blocks over bedrooms on the first

floor. The idea is to provide shade and for air to be

able to circulate under the sheets acting as insulation.

Note: Asbestos particulates are known to cause

cancer when inhaled. Abroad, sheets and pipes made

of asbestos are considered hazardous materials, and

are in the process of being carefully removed from

older buildings, with airtight tents and by guys dressed

in HazMat suits.


People in Karachi have resorted to pulling across from

the roof, to the side of the boundary wall, large green mesh

sheets and 'chikkeN', made of dried coconut leaves.

For the long run, like 2-3 year plan, I would highly recommend

growing tall, thick trees. There is specially a variety that was

introduced in KHI a while back, which has gotten wide approval

and you see it everywhere now. It grows quickly and doesn't

require a whole lot of care. Folks are now using it to build sky-

high hedges around their homes. You can't beat mother nature,

when it comes to providing shade.

Sheikh 'Slim Shady' Chilli

Easiest way is make another room at rooftop

Use chittah chuuna on the roof top.

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The only solution proven effective with immediate results is polyurethane insulation (personal experience). But it's expensive and may cost around Rs. 70 per square foot.

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