How can i get 2Mbps on wimax?

I'm currently using the 1Mbps connection. I was wondering if there was a way to somehow get a wateen account with bandwidth of 2Mbps. The reason why I'm asking is that my cousin in DHA uses wateen broadband and his bandwidth is 2Mbps. I once logged in through his account and my speed increased. Well that was because i was using his account. All wimax users please suggest something. Thanks in advance.

P.S: Please don't recommend DSL to me because i just got rid of it due to synching problems. Stick to wimax :)

In DHA the platform is HFC and the max speed on HFC is 4 Mbps while on wimax the maximum is 1 Mbps so if you some how even use the 4mpbs Username and Password on Wimax the max you would get is 1 Mbps as it's the max speed transmitted from the AP site

brother i've used a different username. Like i mentioned above. I ran a speed test and it gave 1.72Mbps. So it did work.

yeah maybe you can play a bluff, buy a 2mb account on hfc and use it on the wimax device.. simple as that! No 2mb's on wimax till now.. hope they show up in next couple of months because a guy from the headoffice visited me and told me about this update is under consideration!

update is that the Login page is going to get bypassed because the activity has been already preformed in Sukkar and most likely it is going to get implemented throughout Pakistan

Which TV channels they giving in DHA Lahore?

Do mention rate and the medium. Is it on on these wireless devices or via fiber optic?

1 My TV - EPG

2 51 City 42

3 Madni TV/Mubashir

4 Aaj TV


6 News 1

7 Peace TV (Urdu)

8 Channel 5

9 Wow TV

10 Apna News

11 My Cinema 1

12 Din New

13 My Cinema 2

14 Waqt News

15 My Cinema 3

16 Express 24/7

17 My Movies 1

18 BBC World

19 My Movies 2

20 Sky News

21 My Series

22 AL Jazeera

23 My Box

24 CNN

25 Dunya News


27 Geo News

28 Business Plus

29 Dawn News

30 Bloomberg

31 Express News

32 Value TV

33 PTV News

34 Punjab

35 Hum TV

36 Rohi

37 Geo Entertainment

38 Khyber TV

39 ARY Digital

40 National Geographic Channel

41 PTV Home

42 Nat Geo Adventure

43 Star Plus

44 History Channel

45 Sony

46 Animal Planet

47 Colors

48 Discovery Channel

49 Zoom

50 Discovery Travel and Living

51 Style 360

52 Discovery Science

53 Ten Sports

54 Star World

55 Geo Super

56 America Plus

57 Star CricketFox

58 Crime

59 SS 1

60 AXN

61 SS 2

62 Super Comedy

63 SS 3

64 BBC Lifestyle

65 Cartoon Network (English)

66 BBC Entertainment

67 Cartoon Network (Urdu)

68 Star Movies

69 Disney

70 HBO

71 Pogo

72 Super Movies

73 Cbebbies

74 Filmax

75 Nick

76 Mnet Series

77 Indus Vision

78 Hallmark

79 TV One

80 MM1

81 Apna

82 UTV World Movies

83 Star One

84 MTV Pakistan

85 ATV

86 Aag

87 Filmazia

88 Play TV

89 Silver Screen

90 ARY Musik

91 UTV Bindas

92 Oxygene

93 Masala TV

94 G-kaboom

95 ARY Zauk

96 9xM

97 ARY News

98 B4U Music

99 Samaa

What if i stop using my existing prepaid account and use the other one. Will the balance go in negative ?

Please mention rate and the medium. Is it on on these wireless devices or via fiber optic?


the balance will remain with one month negative line rent just recharge it and use it for any month


350 rs for Cable TV and the medium is HFC not on WimaX and the same in provided in Multan only but the platform is GPON with 350 rs charges.

Got an internal update mac binding completed in Hyderabad and Sukker and they are rid of LOGIN page and soon it will be implemented in whole PAKISTAN

^What does that means?

Is it that we will not have to login and if its true than what about the logging another ID on another device?

that wont be possible any more as it was that we use to borrow friends username to work for a while now its not possible as the username would be binned with the customer device like its in Worldcall Dongle

any one? i want it in peshawar

alright the activity is going to be performed in Quetta now :)