How bad is the job market globally after GFC?

There are some WPeons who don't live in Pakistan, at least not all the time. I am curious how bad the economies are outside Pakistan. I don't trust the business news or most news, and I guess it is difficult to keep in perspective how different things are from even 5 years ago. But for the last 7 or 8 years, there has been a worldwide push to further reduce the employment base, and at the same time, to transfer wealth to the very rich. In Pakistan, we consider this normal and right. So it is hard for me to understand how difficult or grim things are in the Western economies and in other places.

There must be winners in this. The obvious ones are India and China, but that is not true. Those countries would benefit from a broader spread of prosperity in their larger export markets. I am looking for some examples of how much things have changed globally, I don't believe the numbers because GDP wise. home value etc. all show pre-crisis financial levels in many countries.