- what you guys think?

Hey Guys,

Just was interested in some input from you guys on what should be. Before it used to be a wifi/hotspots listing site. Since there as been such a big boom in the GPRS stuff. I thought maybe we should change the sites purpose. Now i have made it a forum. A place to post different in and cool places of Pakistan. What you guys think? or should this site be something else..




Took a look at your portfolio. You guys are obviously talented 3D Modelers and have a decent knowledge of PHP / Backend programming, but you guys have quite a ways to go with respect to web design and aesthetics.

Keep up the good work!

lol, over own site is crap.. i have redone our site so many times and im not still happy with the beta stuff we come up with.. thats why the current design is so hopeless.. I do plan to update our site soon... but little bit tight on time... we are launching a few more sites and we have allot of regular clients so site update has been put back... but hopefully soon we will update it!..

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

Most likely causes:

You are not connected to the Internet.

The website is encountering problems.

There might be a typing error in the address.

I don't get it... From my warid line its not loading too.. but on my maxcom its loading on IE and Firefox..

Opening fine for me. And, ooooh, phpBB! I'm a member of their QA Team, so let me know if anything is up. :)

Excuse the shamelessness.

Edit: are those places Wifi hotspots? How do we use them?

hot spots = as in happening, places you need to be :P

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hot spots = as in happening, places you need to be :P


Parktower, forum, and costa coffees.. they have wifi.. and its free... but the thing is you need a wifi enabled phone or laptop... normal people are not going to get a laptop to use the wifi in forum or parktower... thats why i dropped the whole hotspots/wifi directory thing and just went with a forum... what you guys think?. is there a need for wifi/hotspots site?. :S

hey wzub!, thanks... i liked the old phpbb actually.. im not sure why they made it so complex... it was popular because of its easy of use i thought... and now its a huge app...

najam none of yr website is working for me on ptcl dsl..

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hey wzub!, thanks… i liked the old phpbb actually… im not sure why they made it so complex… it was popular because of its easy of use i thought… and now its a huge app…

Version 2 is still supported as a legacy release, so if you find version 3 too much for your needs, you can safely use the previous one. not opening on Ufone GPRS.

We had some issues with our DNS and the whole server was down for almost a week. Now everything is ok! Really sorry about this guys.. Been round the clock trying to fix this problem.. I hate 2 things now.. :) Lycos and DNS technology.

wzub - i would have used phpbb 2 but its old and it didn't support attachments from the start so i just went with phpbb3. phpbb3 is not a bad forum, just a little overwhelming. I'm a web developer and it feels overwhelming, god knows what a normal web user would think.

Dumb moment here. Pardon me.

There are WiFi hot spots in Pakistan? How many of them? Was I living in some cave that I didn't know that Pakistan has free WiFi hot spots just like developed countries? :P

Quite allot of areas have wifi but most people are not aware of it. Also wifi is not really the best wireless technology, and it has a long way to go i think before people will use it to replace good old Ethernet.

Hey Guys, Have added events place for each city. Now people can post events happening in there cities!.. nd

you took too much time in the construction of the site

Tell me about it.. well inshallah now, i think this is the best path for this domain...