Hotmail Timings


If i have recieved a message from a hotmail address which has a time of lets say 9:00 PM then this 9:00 Pm will be GMT time, newyork time or Pakistan time?


Post your email address here. I'll email you the Pakistan time and you can tell me what hotmail says is the arrival time.


Is that hotmail? Looks like its hosted with message labs.

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Is that hotmail? Looks like its hosted with message labs.


he says he received email from hotmail…

he didnt said he received email on hotmail…

i hope its clear … :)

There are two timestamps usually associated with Email, one is from the outgoing server (Hotmail in your case) which depends on the timezone set by the account owner and the other is incoming mailserver timestamps which are set by your own mail account or mail client. Both of them contain a timezone information as well (+/-xxxx hours) , which you can see by checking the headers of the mail (In Thunderbird, you can check by clicking "View Source" in the drop down menu at right side of mail windows).

So if your own account/client is set at correct (PST) time zone, it will be the local time.

Usually email accounts allow GMT timings to be customized, try going into account settings and looking there for GMT settings.