Hotmail sms alert. Is it availabe in Pakistan?

Hotmail is providing sms alert service . you get an sms when u get an email in homtail from specified persons. they are providing this service free in india. do we have such service here? if it is then will the cellular company charge anything?

this service/feature is not available in Pakistan.


is there any alternate way?

Make mail-box in mobile messaging.

if you have Nokia Symbian mobile donwload nokia email service it will alert you ...

and telenor offer this service but i dont konw at waht charges :S

If you use zong you can then have all your mails forwarded to your_number@Zongsms.Pk for FREE

Previously there was an option in Windows Live Mobile to use such a thing but its removed now shitzen!

Im using ufone. is there any such feature in ufone?

i dont think sooo..... i nvr heard about these feature in ufone coz m also using ufone but heard about telenor tht m confrm

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nothing good is offered in Pakistan ..we r just a neglected country regarding da good stuff ...but number 1 wen it comes to throwin Sh%#$ :P

All ufone numbers have an email if you have registered on there website:

Try it.