Hotels in Islamabad

I am planning to visit Islamabad after a week. As I am new to Islamabad, please suggest few good hotels in sector G in the range of Rs.1500-2000 per night with complimentary breakfast, TV, internet facility.

try Allah Ditta hotel down the street in the above mentioned price range :P

You can check some reviews and get contact information of a lot of Hotels in Islamabad from :

Though you might not find Internet access in most of them.

sory dnt knw abt the hotels in sector G.

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In Islamabad, the best budget but decent hotels in Sector G-9, is Hotel Al-Hira at G-9 Markaz also commonly known as Karachi Company. They charge 1500 per night for Double Bed Room for 2 with AC/ TV. However breakfast is not complimentary you have to pay for it. Just across it, opposite to this hotel is Hotel Al-Miraj, a very very decent, near 4 star hotel, they charge Rs2500 per night for Double Room with AC.

In Sector G-7, You can go to G-7 Markaz commonly known as Sitara Market, where there are many budget hotels. The best there is Pak Hotel, they also charge Rs1500 for AC room (TV everything) for Two people (Double Room) per night