Hot water DIY recirculating pumps for instant hot water

Hello all,

has anyone ever had any experiences with hot water recirculating pumps in pakistan?

in my house we have to wait at least 3-4 minutes for the hot water, sometimes longer in the furthest am looking into solutions for quicker hot water.

i came across this and it seems like quite a good solution,

'A quick-delivery unit is the most efficient method and the kits include everything needed for do-it-yourself installation. You just unscrew the water lines underneath the sink in the bathroom furthest from the water heater. Attach flexible pipes (in the kit) from the water valves to the unit. Attach another set of flexible pipes to the faucet and plug it in.

There is a tiny high-speed pump, diverter valve and temperature sensor inside the unit. When you want hot water, the pump starts drawing hot water from the water heater. Instead of dumping the cold water from the long pipe down the drain, the diverter valve puts it back into the cold water line.

As soon, within 10 seconds, as the hot water reaches the unit under the sink, the temperature sensor shuts off the pump'

What do you guys think? Appreciate any and all advice on this.


If I understand it correctly, this thing fits in at your

hot water geyser. When the guy opens the tap

where the temp sensor (furthest away) is installed,

the pump sucks out all the cold water out of the hot

water pipe, pushes it into the cold water line at the

geyser end, until hot water reaches the furthest

end tap, at which point the sensor allows the

divertor to give you that hot water.

It costs Rs. 20,000/- in the US, probably a bit, or

a lot more, in PK. It will also keep your geyser busy,

as it will keep dumping cold water into it, making it

work more throughout the day. And lastly, it uses

the cold water pipes to return the warm/tepid water

until you get 'hot' water. The sensor is set at 98F

(37C). Anything less hot will get blown back into

the cold pipes. For some this can be a problem.

It's a trade-off between wasting gas for conserving

water & comfort. Pablo here has worked it out for

CA and he isn't buying it.

Sheikh 'Napoleon Dynamite' Chilli

as dynomike just said above..problems are

energy wastage


load on gyser

constant on gyser.

why not just go for insta gyser.. or use an electric gyser?

I wonder if there is a cheaper local solution? It is expensive at $200.

As far as energy efficiency goes you can set switches or timers that you need the pump to run. So will only run as needed and not be constantly switched on. And I don't waste the shower water while waiting for it to heat up.

Finally the tepid water will be there momentarily, after which normal cold water service will resume. And in winter that shouldn't be an issue.

Farhan the problem isn't enough water it's just not fast enough, will the insta or electric geyser help there?

For quick hot water delivery, instant gas heater can serve 6 to 10 lit hot (60'C) water in few seconds but will be suitable for single bathroom.

That's interesting. Can it be used in addition to the conventional hot water line so that there is less chance of running out of hot water?

it is used in conjunction with any system already there.. there are a variety of models.. some with storage capacity and some with direct heat at pipe-tap level.

advantages of instant heat without geyser even.. with geyser you can shower for as long and as quick you want

problems.. requires electricity,(unless solar powered) and one heater per bathroom.

[quote=“farhan_ds, post:7, topic:21688”]

problems.. requires electricity,(unless solar powered) and one heater per bathroom.


If you are talking about Instant water heater, its also available with Natural Gas option.

putting a gas gyser on top of a gas gyser would be highly ironic (although workable) but still ironic :P

Why ia this ironic?

Why our nation wait 3-5 mins :unsure:

^Sheep farms in Australia are well organized than this nation...

^ Lol.. sad.. but True..