Hot to get Internet from Satellite?

Any can share any info on how to get Internet through Satellite or VSAT, any websites, packages ?

opensky does provide internet but they aren't free, on the contrary they are most costly of all companies. why you wanna get opensky? you don't have access to dsl.?

you need to have this:

The Basic Requirements :

01 PCI DVB Receiver Card around 4500Rs you can watch plenty of channels.

01 Parabolic Dish Antenna 2Feet dish 8500-10000 approx

01 LNB Free with 2Feet dish

01 Cabling depends on your length 6/7 rupees per feet

01 Modem (min 33.6 kbps) simple dialup modem 400Rs for brand new.

note: prices of the DVB card and dish and cable are two months old, from hall road Lahore.

and this is their tariff

the most cheap one is providing 200kBps speed for 2500RS with 300MB limit.

this is the thread where we discussed last time, it will give you enough info

It can be expensive than your car stay with dial.up or wait for dsl to come in your town . Satellite isn't so cheap