Hosting for Wordpress blog

I am leaning towards SiteGround or Dreamhost, read good review about those. What do you guys suggest best in terms of price/uptime/support for Wordpress hosting? Thanks

If your blog is new and not getting much traffic then any host would be OK.

I have heard some bad reviews about Dreamhost so I would say go with Siteground.

I am hosting my wordpress and other static sites with for the past 2 years and am happy with them.

I am using hostgator. its also good.

never go with those company hosgoter ipower dreamhost all own by EIG

i am also using wordpress it's really good..

+1 for namecheap

Wordpress is +1.

and you can customize a lot using free Plugins. Even can configure e-commerce site as well free.

godaddy is giving away managed wordpress hosting for 1 year for just 1300/=, after that it would be 9000/= year

Wordpress ia No-1 Pannal to work on sites.. great work