Horror movies

tell me the names most horror and scariest movies i want to get some??????

Saw "Wrong Turn" few days ago. If can handle it go ahead.

"texas chainsaw massacre", gave me quite a scare

watch "SAW I II III IV"

1st two are amazing........

and also "The Ring"

The Best 2 I have Ever Seen

The Exorcist

R.E.C (in spanish but blows u away)

did see all of them except "wrong turn" so i will go for it thnx

Hey Dude. Take my advice. First watch all the famous horror movies and then watch the "Scary Movie". It will scare the horror out of you.

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Hey Dude. Take my advice. First watch all the famous horror movies and then watch the “Scary Movie”. It will scare the horror out of you.


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watch "SAW I II III IV"

1st two are amazing…

and also “The Ring”


Ya saw III is da scariest movie i’ve ever seen…

The grudge is one of the top on my list

well you won't find many horror movies by hollywood.. if you wanna go horror then go asian... there are tons and bloody scary... e.g

juon(both parts)

the eye


the ring (all parts japanese and not the english remake)

shutter(japanese one and not the english)

the tale of two sisters(japanese)

i like the atmosphere in a horror rather than small cheap scares,,, the english ones i like are normally older than the modern ones

halloween(1979 version by john carpenter)

the shinning(amazing amazing movie but not many cheap scares)

the thing(horror scifi and pretty amazing with that haunting music)


28 days later

rec(amazing horror movie... don't miss it)

in the mouth of madness

dead end

silent hill

well there are many more... but after you watch these post back and i will give you more names... i don't like those cheap gore movies in which there are some crazy families in the woods hunting you... i don't find them interesting or scary

no one mention evil dead.....i feel this is the most horror movie series i hav ever seen.....

yeh it was but i have recently downloded it but i feel funny rathar than scary. buy i would say it was the scariest movie in 1990.

You might want to see my sig.

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You might want to see my sig.

^^LOL…good one

where u get it from?

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did see all of them except “wrong turn” so i will go for it thnx

yaar evil dead is old and not that scary to be honest… although it is categorized as horror comedy… i haven’t seen anything scarier than asian horror… hollywood has some classics but that is it

yeah Evil dead is one of the funniest movies i have ever seen ...... One of my friends told me that its a scary movie but when i saw there was nothing scary but a good comedy to pass time...

2007's Horror Movies


28 Weeks Later

30 Days of Night

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem


Apartment 1303

Bats: Human Harvest


Beverly Hills Massacre

Blood and Chocolate


Boogeyman 2


Buried Alive



The Chair

Chicago Massacre

The Closet

Crazy Eights

Dead Mary

The Deaths Of Ian Stone

Dead Silence

Decoys 2: Alien Seduction

Devil's Diary


Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield

Evil Twin

Fall Down Dead

Fallen Angels

Ferryman, The

Flight of The Living Dead: Outbreak On A Plane

Forest of Death

Forest Of The Dead

The Girl Next Door

Grim Reaper



Hannibal Rising


Haunted Forest

The Haunted School

The Hills Have Eyes 2

The Hitcher

Hostel: Part II


I Am Legend

Ice Spiders

In Love with the Dead


The Invasion

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer


Lake Dead

Lake Placid 2

Living Hell

The Mad


The Messengers

The Mist

The Mother of Tears

Muoi: The Legend of a Portrait

My Name is Bruce

Naraka 19

The Orphanage




The Reaping


Return to House on Haunted Hill

Resident Evil: Extinction

Rise: Blood Hunter

Saw IV

Sands of Oblivon


Shadow Puppets


The Signal

Skin Crawl


Skull & Bones


Somebody Help Me

Stir of Echoes: The Homecoming

The Strangers

The Suicide Song (Densen uta)


The Tattooist


Tooth And Nail

Undead Or Alive




Wind Chill


The Wizard Of Gore

Wrong Turn 2

2008's Horror Movies

100 Feet

The Alphabet Killer

Anaconda 3: The Offspring

April Fool's Day



The Cottage

Dark Floors

Day of the Dead

Diary of the Dead

The Eye

Grizzly Park


The Happening


Killer Pad

Lost Boys 2: The Tribe

One Missed Call

Prom Night


The Ruins

The Strangers


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^^LOL…good one

where u get it from?


Someone had it on wccf forum.I stole it from there.

watch 1408, really good and different horror movie and biggest plus point is that you can watch it with your family