Honest Review Needed On This Blog Site

Hi my name is Caleb but not a pakistanis, actually directed here from Google. Am a new member in this awesome forum and am glad to be here. To be specific, am a tech geek currently running a blog site. Pls i'll like to know your opinion about what am still missing and what am still not doing right. My site is hosted on blogger, looking forward in changing its domain name. Honest review is needed, thanks. Site name is cabnet-onmobile.blogspot.com

Will be following your reply. Love you all.

First looks of your site are good and simple. I would rate this site to 5 out of 10.
At the same time i got hint if i have seen this kind of site layout before can't remember
the name of the web site. But the overall view is filled with too much content which

makes it puzzling for the user to browse. The simplest sites attract more visitors.
Elegance always comes with simplicity. The logo of your site is a little childish, you
need to improve it. And in the footer of the site you need to readjust the alignments
of Design and copyright info. The way it looks absurd and destroys the whole theme
of the site. The color scheme is good and attractive. The social media tab fixed on left
looks good and makes it more user friendly. The secondary pages are typical but good.

Thanks so much, i will work on it.

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Thanks @SupMA5TER, but still WTF!

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Why WTF…!! Anything wrong?

@Ahmsun i've changed my site domain name from cabnet-onmobile.blogspot.com to http://www.ccnworldtech.**. Thanks for all the reviews, pls if you don't mind can you review it for me once more? I trust your judgement. Thanks.

main boxes... text is out of boundries.

right side.. no gap between main page and right columns.. look like joined together or just one continuous long page.

right side.. font is same as main page.. should be bit smaller

logo... latest news at tips.. is unreadable small.

right side.. follow us.. and share.. both should be very very small boxes, very small icons. and probably in an italic font.

left side .. the share box is 2 steps high.. text is going into header.. should be paced a bit low.. and if already on right side, this side box is not needed..

main page.. text is very light in color.. should be a bit darker.

you should go for .com or in worst case .net buddy.

.ml is region specific local domain, only good if you want to target local users.

@MrKamran I've revoke it, thanks

As you suggested, i've bought a .com domain. My site web url is now http://www.ccnworldtech.com

i've put a gap between sidebar and main page as suggested. I've also decrease the sidebar fonts and it is now smaller than the main. Can you help me check once again? Thanks http://www.ccnworldtech.com