Honda City 2010 vs GLI 2010

Which car is better new gli or new city??

I was looking into this about a month ago and from what I've read (from forums etc. so take this with a pinch of salt), City is cheaper, has better mileage, and more horsepower whereas Gli has more torque, it's better for CNG and it can suffer the 'phainti' of Pakistan. Check out PakWheels or some automotive forums for better advice, though they're filled with Toyota and Honda loyalists (read: fanboys).

Edit: BTW I prefer Honda City.

Thats obvious Honda city is better than Gli. City has better everything.

with no offence to any one :P it's the question I always use to answer as follows.

To me it's like a difference between Yamaha and Honda 70.

(in Pakistan) Toyota's Corolla brand just makes me feel for it like a Taxi or some thing like a Gujar Type (I don't know why, please don't ask. It's just personal feel) and Honda's each brand is really a momy-dady type as I think. Such a feel of mine is not only based on visuals but also based on the experience watching them being drove in two purely distinct ways. It's not actually a feel about the cars themselves but it's a feel about the personality of individuals who are driving the cars

I would like to add that many of the people own both Corollas, Cities or Civics etc... they even possibly could have driven any of the car in the same way....

But on the road while driving, the Corollas are the ones which gave me most of the irritation, trouble, headache, and every thing like that, e.g. unneeded breaks, improper indications, indisciplined lanes changing, speed limits, blah blah.... . I also had accidents and most of the near-to-accidents with Corollas..... I know it could be co-incidence but I still think the same that Corollas are not drove well. I am also not saying that I drive a lot well.....

besides it I also think why Toyota designed most of the Corollas resembling fully or partially with other models of its own?

I am not sure..... did Toyota give Corolla customers a satisfaction and excitement of purchasing a look-alike Camry? or Toyota disappointed Camry customers making them see a thousands of Corollas all around with almost the same design of their own Camry?

Huh! this was just personal feeling about two.. feature wise as "Osman" said above is considerable. I, infact, like current City and ofcourse better than current Gli.

Please don't hate me due to above feelings.... :P

Welldone KA you have expressed the right feeling and I also feel the same for corolla. Honda is much better in all manners

lol KA, that just means Toyota's market share is a lot more :P

Main te honda ee lain saa!

well we have owned both of these cars....

To my experience, City's new model is far better than Gli.

Choice of car definitely also depends on your requirements and preferences... Like

if u are going to keep your car on petrol and you need a luxury car, to drive mostly in cities, then go for Honda City.

But as far as the question of resale value+inexpensive parts is concerned then Gli is recomended, plus it also have a plus point of bearing 'phanty of pakistani roads', prefer it if you oftenly going to take your car to your village....

One more thing, the choice of car is also depandant on the personality of the person using the car.... If you have 'gujar/ or paindu' type personality then GLI will suit you, and if you have a decent look and your family looks momy-dady then honda City will suite you....

Drive wise, in my openion, both cars are good..... GLI have good pick where as honda city includes a very luxury drive..

Other things like AC etc, both cars have equally good....

In the end both of these cars are good, buy the car which meets your prefrences.....

I hope it will be helpful :)

^ mmmm... pretty nice and simple explanation...

if u had asked XLI or CITY i would have told u one word "City" as city is cheaper and with more features

but now as u have put up GLI against the TOY . i would recommend u GLI ... if u can easily spend 3 more lacs


i have kept and driven both for a pretty long time . corolla has more space, its roomy , drive is kinda heavy (when compared to city not civic) and u have the best after sales service a car can ever give , it has cheaper maintenance ,the biggest advantage is ,its durable on these jolting bumpy and ever repairing roads , ABS has solved the problem of breaking too . the car has not issues what so ever with driving on CNG for years .

on the other hand city is a bit more compact and light then one expects .its hatch back .. a big big turn off for me (might not b for thousands but it is for trillions) and when u pay more then a million bucks for a hatch back .. that not a very pretty decision . CNG does not work like a charm on honda cars that pretty sure .. atleast i have had problems with it .. coz the tech and engine in honda cars is more sophisticated . No doubt it gives more milage on petrol but when u keep it on petrol ,which is not likely gona happen i guess .

Now coming to the point of PAINDO and SMART looks .. i agree with KA no doubt about it..that corolla looks like a taxi and in our country unfortunately where most of the people ARE illeterate and paindoo (even the degree holders[real or fake] are paindoo while DRIVING) .so it doesnt matter what wheels u r driving if u are careful and safe ,it doesnt matter.. and let me add u .. in my city i cant tell u what kind of paindoos are driving honda civic and city with tinted windows and chrome all over their cars :D

Last but not the least , wish u all the best for the great deal..hope u enjoy what u pay for ,and drive safe :)

NOTE.. plz dont consider this a fight like they do in fav of one's own ride on pakwheels ..and dont put me in the list of either brand's fanboy .. i m a fan of pleasure in the long run ,doesnt matter where it comes from :)

toyota gli 100% buy it

as for KA rant above, my question is if some guy invested millions of rupees for radio cab service then he must have judged the corollas for durability, cost, spare parts etc then he jumped for toyata brand. i have seen cab services offered by 5 star hotels like sheraton etc all of their fleet is based on corollas, even car rental services use corollas, so the proof of quality, durability and cost is right there on roads in front of your eyes. not even single company uses handa cars.

honda is not fit for desi roads and overall resilience to everyday motorbike/ghada gari "dent shent" is s-h-i-t since body is more like cardboard. you have to remember desi roads are quasi roads and not german autobahn.

Honda all the way. :)

to me I would say, GLI looks better from out side but Honda is much more comfortable then inside.

seriously, are you guys insane? toyota for paindus and hondas for mummy daddy people? what an absolutely stereotypical and non-sense comment

well now guyz started talkin abt honda city i own it its the beshtest here is a race btween my city n a reborn n i m on stock

whats up with insults? gujjar paindu etc? you honda fanboys are crazy...

i drive toyota and proud of it so sue me you "noobs"

^ Stop calling names, folks. A car is a car. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Why dont you guys consider this

it has a 1.6 liter engine and parts are cheap. Its also comfortable to drive.

^Yep Liana is comfortable but the only defect i would find in this car is:

Liana's body is not properly engineered, it shakes when you go above 100km/h.

Its due to the bottom rear bumper which is not made/assembled properly.

When at 100 kph the that inside part of the bumper catches the air stream which eventually causes your car to go wobbly.

It can easily be made by any repair shop with minimal cost.

If you do plan to drive below 100 regularly then go for Liana, cuz

-its comfortable

-its parts are cheap

-1.6 CC

-good driving car