Homepower ups standby power


i have homepower 1000VA ups , during no load its drawing almost 2amp DC current , is there any way to decrease this power consumption ?

i can run 25w energy saver of this wasted power :o


yar first ov all tu clear u r askin abut ac current or dc. cuz if u r sayin that ur ups is drawin 2ampere dc thn it means its ur chargin current from ups to battery n if u r sayin this about ur ac current, then u must be checkin ur ac load with the help ov clamp meter.

if u r talkin abut AC thn clear ur meters display to zero zero n thn check .. mite b possible ur meter is showin u rong numbers.

in both AC and DC power draw, the ups itself needs power to run its circuit.. my 2200XL draws upto 4amps dc power at 48v meaning plenty of power required to keep it working..

the only way to stop power draw would be to shut down the ups :D

in battery mode when there is no load , ups draw 2 amps dc from battery , your ups draws same is it normal .... ?

Its called heat dissipation. Ups components utilises sum ampere for this.

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Its called heat dissipation. Ups components utilises sum ampere for this.


so what about in apc models , same scenario ? i am thinking of buying apc 1500va model can u please tell this will also consume 2amp dc ?

every ups whether its pak cheen dosti ..... local made or branded one like APC .... thy all consume some current like 1 to 2 amps. Its not a big issue. cuz if ur usin 1.5kva apc which makes 950/980/1050watt ...... thy all consume amps. ...... if ur ups is ov 950watt thn the load is always 75% ov the total capacity ov the ups ...... 25% is used for heat dissipation ...... its a natural phenomena ......... it wont bother u yar ....... it has to b happened ......

There is a sayin that CURIOSITY KILLS DA CAT ........ so in my opinion be happy with ur UPS dont indulge in mere issues ........