Home Theater Question

Hello friends,

I am back with another unusual question. :)

I have setup my home theater room with a HD projector, Onkyo Receiver and a LG Blu Ray player. The room is quite large so the distance between my A/V Receiver and the projector is almost 50 feet. I am using a 50 foot HDMI cable to connect my BD player to my Receiver which outputs to my projector via HDMI. The problem I have is my 50 foot cable loses signal from my receiver during the movies. It stops every few minutes and I have a "NO Signal" on my screen. The problem goes away if I use a shorter cable like 15 foot but can't really fix the project at that distance. After some research I found out that I may need some type of HDMI signal booster when going long distance such as 50 feet. My question is what are my chances of getting such a signal extender in Karachi? I am in Clifton area. There are several option on the internet but most won't ship to Pakistan. Any ideas? I am looking for something like this;


This one seems like a great solution. Does anyone know where in Karachi I can find this?


if u r using a decent HT then it should have a LAN adapter too , use that lan output and make it wireless thru n external wifi router and then decode it at your projector side. .

My HT is quite decent (Onkyp TXS805 is more than decent) but it does not have the LAN adapter. Easier said then done I am afraid. I have yet to see a LAN connection on a A/V receiver that transfers video to a monitor such as projector or TV. the best they can do is send audio to speakers wireless. May be you have seen one. Please can you recommend one?