Homage UPS keeps beeping!

Aoa friends. I bought a homage ups with LCD display 2 months ago but unfortunately lost its manual during shifting. Now I am having a problem that after irregular intervals, the UPS starts beeping and it just wont shut up by whatever I try. The display shows input and output ( sometimes between 170 and 200 sometimes 200 to 230 Hz) whatever that means. Then there are the 4 bars of battery that seem normal but above that there is a picture of a balance (with the right side down by a bigger ball as compared to the left side) and it starts beeping and blinking. There is also a single bar in front of it and sometimes 2. I am guessing there is some imbalance between the power in and out but cant exactly figure out what. And it is really annoying.

Secondly whats the power button at the side of the UPS for? It doesn't switch it off when I press and release it although the sign of line in does disappear when I do that. Kindly help me with problem. Thank you very much.

^ this is due to over load it happens with me if someone use hairdryer or something on the lines which works with ups it starts beeping i usually shut it off and then on it and works fine

There r two types of Beep status

1) Continue Beep (over load condition) when the wapda is present

2) Beep Beep Beep (Low Battery status) when its in Battery Mode no wapda

when ever ur UPS Beeps check the BARs in front of Balance Picture, if it is 4 then u need to reduce the load on ur UPS line even if the Wapda is present


Engr Hameed