Homage on generator

Is it safe to run homage UPS on generator instead of WAPDA.

I have run my Mercury UPS on my Pel generator and it works fine. Doesnt seem to cause any problem with charging it too . Hope this helps

a while back one of my ups's got messed up running on my generator but it was a standard non sine wave ups.

its completely safe to run ur UPS on Generate if and only if u have a good Generator with Good AVR Module,

before connecting ur UPS to Generator plzz do check its output Voltage & frequecy under full load & unload conditions,

never use UPS with cheap Chinese Generator that has non regulated Voltage + Frequency , it can fry ur ups just in seconds if it has no Protection Fuses


Engr Asad

It is not possible for any layman to check AVR/Frequency and its even more difficult to find a competent Generator mechanic who can do that.

My Generator isn't that perfect but I am using my 700VA computer UPS on it for the last 1½ years.

yes it is not easy for every one to chk the frequency output from genset like 50 hz or what !

there is also a good technique for that , i have used that for checking purpose . i set the frequency of my genset at 50 hz and then i turned on the charging of the UPS (not homage , its APC) when the frequency is within range the APC ups didnt trip and didnt come on UPS mode and when i intentionally set the freq of the genset to 76 hz the ups immediately came to UPS mode and then tried after a few seconds to charge but couldnt bcz of over freq then again came to ups mode.

so if one has no freq meter / hz meter then he can use this technique - dont experiment this typo thing for long time it may damage ur ups charging or processing unit .

this is also a useless and baseless thing to blame ALL china gensets that they dont give regulated output ! dear the out put is solely depends on AVR (a small device which reduce and then regulate the voltage coming from coil , ususally 300 to 400 volts) to 220 volts and if that AVR thing is of a reputable company then it MUST give u regulated output no matter the genset is china made or made in Jupiter or pluto :)

so get that small AVR thing checked if u want regulated output - there is also a small verbo on that AVR to fine tune the output . that AVR usually located in the alternator / coil .

Nowadays Chinese Generator conatains Digital Panel meter with 4 function(only one reading),

1. Voltage

2. Frequency

3. Run time since the gnrator started

4. total run time since the date gnrator installed.

a small push button is connected with meter u can see any one reading at a time by pressing this switch.