Homage inverter overcharging the battery

I bought the Homage neon 1203 inverter ups in May 2K15

after one month, the ups started to heat and overcharge the new AGS 200A battery.

The service station blamed the battery and the battery shops sued the ups.,after demostrating the stopping of charging on a small new 50 A battery :/

battery was shown to be in excellent condition on the meter ,also the gravity/ph was ok.

Still the customer service denied the fault in ups

The battery has been drinking 1 litre of water every two weeks although i have been out circuting the ups at nights

Now ,even before one year of operation, thee battery has reached the stage that after 6 hours of charging(and heating) , it merely provides half and hour of backup :/

not just me, this has happened with the neighbours who bought that model . Every neon 1203 i have seen heats the battery excessively,

on the contary, the users of other ups like arora or even local made ups have no such problem .

going to the service centre tomorrow,though i know that he will against point out 'fault' in the battery.

all the NEW Homage are by far the worst ups in the market. we received a 2kva new unit from govt for our hospital.. it has the worst wiring connections in the history of worst wiring connectors. also, 2x 165AH AGS, barely 1 month after installation no provide barely an hour of backup now.. the load is barely 4 savers and 2 fans..and not just you, almost every one else having same problem has the Bad-tareen service experience from them as well.

Homage are the worst. everyone else is better.

On the contrare, Cosmiq internationals have introduced very high quality ups range from 1kva to 10kva range with very high quality transformers and In Excess powered FET. with front lcds and very high Power Factor. they are pure sine wave (oscilloscope tested) and are designed to run on our loadshedding situation where apc often fails since it is not designed for log backups at 20+Amps for hours. their prices are higher compared to desi ups, but thats cz you get what you pay for.

some of my customers ho once used these inverters also complained abut battery heating and top of all da above the customer service centres are also pathetice ... thy give u all sort ov lame excuses ... bla bla bla ... that ups is fine n battery is culprit etc etc ...