Homage HTD 2011 Solar Inverter

Homage solar ups display ac voltag it’s 225 voltage output but AC multimeter show 190 voltage… but fan work fine what’s the problem??

Homage solar ups k apne display p jo AC Voltage show kr rh hai wo 225 Voltage hen per multimeter p check krta hu to wo 190 Voltage btata hai…

Ups bilkul new hai…

Which multimeter are you using?

Homage UPS/inverter are typically modified sine wave output so your multimeter might be reading the average voltage which seems to be fine.

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I have two type of multimeter one is local china made… and other is AC clamp meter… both are show same voltage… 190 voltage

Can you provide model number/series of your UPS?

I think it might be because modified sine wave inverter doesn’t have proper sine wave output. Since most cheap meters use averaging (not full RMS reading), value might be showing less. To verify you would need an oscilloscope to check waveform and measure peak value of the output.

As such, the output level seems fine to me.

Dear you are right it’s fine… and home fans also working fine… like full speed. .

Model Homage HTD 2011 SCC-New
Yes it’s modified sine wave…