Homage 1003

AA, I have Homage 1003 and Volta AGM / VRLA (don't remember model) it's like the one in picture (2nd from left). Inverter is connected using single wire (home / inverter input common neutral). Most of the time it works just fine but sometime (like once in every 4 cycle) it goes dead on load shedding, no light (display), no fan, even it does not respond to power button, turning it off / on do nothing, I don't have multi meter or voltmeter to check battery, just have tester to check AC voltage. Battery is almost new, terminals are clean and fixed, no losing. As power restore from K-Electric it start working again, on / off switch, backup, charging all works. Is this due to single wire connection, any idea? Please advise.


besides any other problem, single wire is always a bad idea. ups should always be separate neutral no matter what.. a lot of problems exist and arise due to comon neutral in not only ups but also the home appliances.

Similar problem happens with my friend's homage inverter. That too is wired using a single wire. I don't know the exact cause of this problem but we are able to turn on the inverter after moving the battery connectors a bit.

Maybe the single wiring is the problem.

I am sellin apc ups for so many years n approx. 90% of my client includin me r usin single wirin at home n office ....... so far not a single of client or me has ny problem with it ....... but ya double wirin is far much better thn this single wirin but normally all people r installin single wirin at home or office .........