Holiday in Balakot-Kaghan

I need some advice on going up north for a week or so. Having never been to Balakot-thru-Kaghan, I thought his may be a good time. I would like to go alone, if that's alright. I have left home before so no worries there :)

First is it too late in the year? I know season starts in April or May but is it already too cold?

Second, I expect it is unfairly expensive, I mean you get less than you pay for. Is there a kind of okay travel agency which I can plan this with?

I would rather do than plan, otherwise it will October soon and then I will stay home. And next year, Justice will come to those areas and sinners like me will no longer be able to enter.

What kind of money should I expect to spend? I have been thinking about using this new fancy train rather than going by bus. Starting in Karachi so maybe I am just too adventurous.

Dnt go alone, go in groups due to security reasons, only naran and its suburbs are awsome kaghan is bore. Bur u have to travel alot :(

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25000 from khi

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That time is coming around again, still no info.

If you're not comfortable with spending on your own, then perhaps you should look for further information here:

Enjoy your days in Pakistani Switzerland

As May approaches, my desperation grows. I tried - oh how I tried! - to get out of Karachi last year, but May and June were two of the shizziest months, weather wise, and perhaps other wise.

I'm thinking we could have a WP holiday this summer. Wouldn't it be fun for a bunch of us to hang out? Thanks for the tourism Punjab link, looks interesting.