Hitman Blood Money

I have never played Hitman series before, A friend of mine told me that they are a must play.

I cant start from the first game in the series, the graphics would suck

So, I want to play the latest release Hitman: Blood Money, will I be able to enjoy it if I haven;t played the rest of the games in series?

Most likely, cause Hitman games are not story driven. And yes, if you like stealth games, then Hitman is a must play!

And you can also try Hitman Contracts (Hitman 3), it also had nice graphics, and would still look fine.

Every game of the Hitman Series has good graphics, Blood Money is my favourite, you are given specific instructions for completing each mission, you can enjoy the game even if u havent played any other of this series, you just got to remember that you are a paid assasin, you cant trust anybody, you have to do the job as silently as possible for getting good rankings.