Hitachi Flora 270W (Pentium 4 - M Laptop) at Cheapest Price


Once again I brought you a Good News for especially those computer geeks who want to buy a Laptop eagerly but their budgets do not allow them to buy it, and they go with desktop based computers.

Today, I am presenting you a true Japanese branded laptop model named as Hitachi Flora 270W, these are solid and powerful, and overall condition of the Laptops is EXCELLENT.

It has a pretty good Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) built-in 32MB video memory. A large 36 GB hard disk, A combo-drive which facilitate you to read DVDs/CDs and write CDs, WIFI, Infrared, Stereo Speakers, and much more…

The laptops have come from the Japan; these are not like Chinese ones which are available in our country. All these laptops are made by Philippines as written on the bottom.

Hmmm … check the following pictures; a picture says a million of words.

Condition of the laptop is: Excellent (Sealed, Never repaired)

Price: Rs.12,499/- (NON-NEGOTIABLE)

Quantity: 3

First come First get ...

The specification of the laptop is below.

Processor : Intel Pentium 4 - M, 1.8 GHz

Memory : 512MB DDR (333 MHz)

Video Memory : 32MB

Display Type : 14.1" LCD

Hard Disk : 36 GB, 5400 RPM

Optical Drive : CD-RW/DVD-ROM (COMBO) Drive

Floppy Drive : Yes

Wifi : Yes

Infrared : Yes

LAN : Yes

Modem : Yes

USB : 2 (2.0 Version)

Serial Port : 1

Parallel Port : 1

Head Phone Connector : Yes

Scrolling Buttons : Yes

Touch Pad : Yes

PCMCIA Slots : 2

External Monitor : VGA Connector

PS/2 Connector : Yes

Built-In Speakers : 2 Stereo Speakers

Battery Backup : 1 Hour to 1.5 Hours (WIFI ON)

Charger : Yes

Note : If you need any part of the laptop I will arrange it from JAPAN

Contact : 0336-2547633 (SMS me before calling, Otherwise I will not receive the call)

Check out the pics ... Total 17 Pics of luck bro


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A large 36 GB hard disk


Now that is funny!!!

i wish i could buy this laptop bu i do not know about the brand, actually first time i listened about this brand... lol



Yes, correct



Thanks bro for encouraging me :)


A 36GB Hard Disk is enough for normal computer use, As you can see it is not a gaming laptop which needs some plenty of disk space.


Hitachi is a pure Japanese brand, which produce highly reliable laptops.


Bro, you are absolutely correct, It's an highly reliable laptop, every single component of the laptop made by Japan itself, absolutely no comparison with those Chinese made laptops.


1 Laptop has been sold to Roger35.

Now only 2 pieces are left.


1 More laptop has been sold from Karachi.Olx.Com.


All SOLD-OUT ... Moderators you may close the thread now.


Congrats Bro,

I have sent you an email.