Hijackthis logs!?

I want to ask that can a normal man with little-know how of computer remove viruses after reading HIJACKTHIS LOGS!!!!

as it clearly shows the location of corruption!!!

yeah one can just search google for processes that you think are supicious!

what are you asking about?

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what are you asking about?

HijackThis is a program that gives a comprehensive list running processes, loaded DLLs, BHOs etc. Most malware can be seen in the list (or log) and we can get rid of the processes because we know where their files are.

It’s not antivirus per se because it doesn’t tell you which program is suspicious I don’t think - but its a great program to have. There are some tools built-in to help delete processes safely and completely, but it doesn’t always work as it should because many of the virus’ (virii?) load stuff into the OS registry as well.

No. You need to have some knowledge to know where the problem lies and then identify the processes.

the log definitely seems to be weird!!!!

you can use Process Explorer, its part of Sysinternals tools and its free

I was infected recently by a flash drive with amv0.exe (or .dll?) and although HijackThis found me the actual file and I deleted it, the thing reappeared at restart because there were still some registry entries and one or two more files I had to get rid of. It's fine now, and I've disabled autorun as well as a no-trust policy towards foreign USB drives! :)

Goes to show that you need to understand what the problem is and take appropriate measures to correct and prevent!

USB drives are the favorite hunting ground for viruses!

Use Autoruns to remove unneeded startup entries. Be careful not to disable core services.

or cleaner if you want something simple!