High Pings on Hamachi Networks


I am using Wateen's 1 MB / 5 GB package and get around 40% to 60% signals. The problem is that when I play Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 with my friends on Hamachi or Tunngle, I get very high pings (opposite to which I expected, because when I play on the official server "server.alteriw.net", I get the same pings). I thought I would be able to play with decent pings < 150 ms because all the other players were also in Pakistan, but my expectations were ruined! My other friends who are using PTCL and other services (even ones local internet cable) are able to play with low pings. Is there any solution to this problem or anyone to share his own experience?


I am also facing high pings from the very beginning even at a pakistani server called MBL (250+ms).That is insane if I compare it with Infinity (135-150 ms),Qubee (70-108 ms) and PTCL EvO(70-105 ms).The only reason why I purchased wateen is the cheap price for unlimited 1 Mb usage for a wireless connection since my phone line is not reliable.