High Ping On CS?

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TechMan do you only play CS or any other games? And one more thing,how did you add all these 13 servers?

I only play CS and I added these servers some months ago. They all used to work but not any more. Like MAXCOM was open to all users but now it is restricted to MAXCOM users only. Similarly all other servers used to work too but they are gone now.

I have more servers in my Office’s PC hehe

I even played on WC servers (there were 5 of them running 24/7) for two months when we had WC connection as they are restricted to WC users only. Unlike Lahore WC servers you didn’t need to go to WC office to register.

Apart from those 5, two WC servers are open to all users but they are down for the past many days (you can see one of them in my screenshot)

TechMan Thx...For The Info U Mailed Me...

TechMan thankyou for information but which server is best to play this game on?

At the moment MBL servers are the best. They run 24/7 with out problems. Although you may not find users on it in the morning but in the evening and at night you will definitely find 6-15 users.

Whats the address of MBL Server..And Are The Outside Users allowed to play on MBL ?


TechMan u did not give the MBL Server ips..Pls post them.


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TechMan u did not give the MBL Server ips…Pls post them.



I sent you in my last email :)


I am using the Diap-UP on CS & i have also the same problem.

Dial up on cs .. Well i dont think theres alot u can do about the ping on dial up.

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Whats the address of MBL Server…And Are The Outside Users allowed to play on MBL ?

Game Server 1: games.dsl.net.pk:27015

Game Server 1: games.dsl.net.pk:27016

You need to register your nick also there but its temporarily closed. Perhaps they are upgrading some thing. But its the best server to play after 6.00PM to night 2.00Pm as alot of users are there. Try visiting http://games.dsl.net.pk/counter_strike.php. They allow outside users also but registered nick is required.

Not able to register at MBL server..

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Not able to register at MBL server…

send an e-mail to games@dsl.net.pk and cc to support.dsl.net.pk… Gaming moderators will check it

Today I was getting decent ping on MBL servers but on Worldcall it was more than 200. Any body else having problem?

frns!! i've install sXe injected 6.9...there an error occurs while sXe installation...i've tried many times but error is there...

i want to join Wateen servers for CS 1.6....but i alwaz kicked due to no sXe installed...plz i want help..!!

There are mostly two reasons behind high ping .

1. Your POOR Connection !

2. You are too far away from the server !

Better to test you PING begore connecting to Non-Pakistani Servers or Servers in Pakistan too far from you.