High end gaming pc

Plz rocommend me a pc that can run every latest game and all upcoming games at ultra settings for atleast an year.

Whatever the budget may be I'll manage. but try to keep it 5 digited. Thanks in advance :)

What resolution do you intend to do PC gaming ? This question alone will dictate the amount required to create a setup necessary for that particular resolution. The lower the resolution, the lower the cost and vice versa.

For 1080p and if you're into overclocking, costs might be higher than if you 1080p isn't your requirement and you're not an overclocker at all. Lay down your requirements in detail and then maybe we could point you in right direction.

My resolution is 1920*1024. Yes I want to play games at 1080p and I really don't have much information about overclocking,so, recommend if it is better for me or not. I have a GPU in mind which is nVidia gtx 760 and want you guys to recommend the rest.

Which mobo and i5 processor should I use for overclocking? And rocommend me a better GPU in the same price range(if any) :)

This is the PC you are looking for.
RGB Gaming Case

Core i 5 4th Gen 4590

RGB Heatsink

H81 Motherboard


128 SSD


500 Watt PowerSupply

Rx 570 4GB 256Bit