Hi Everyone

I am new to this forum. I have a question for all of your guys. I need DSL Internet because our cable internet guy is just making too many excuses and has not been able to fix our internet since last 2 weeks. I am thinking to get DSL Internet and not put up with his non-sense anymore. Please recommend me reliable, good customer care and technical support DSL service in Gulshan-e-bal Karachi.

Appreciate everyone's assistance in this matter. ONLY RECOMMEND BEST COMPANIES. I need from 512K to 1Mbps bandwidth.


Try worldcall evdo, if it's available in ur area

PTCl and Ldn sucks!

No way man

PTCL and LDN both rock

depending upon your line condition......

give ptcl student package a try !

Wired medium (DSL) should always be preferred.

Ask your neighbors about which DSL they use and what is the performance; if let's say PTCL is working fine in your area, then I believe, PTCL is "the" best option.

However, if landlines in your vicinity are messed up, then you can either:

1- Get ONU/Fiber (in this case, you will be restricted to PTCL DSL only)

2- Go Wireless

Same for Wireless, make sure you test signals in your area before you buy one. Lend a device from a friend, relative and check it out.

In my experience, forums will definitely give you the market-trend and reviews on service. But, it's what's best in your vicinity which matters!

Good Luck!

PS: There is no such thing as good customer care in Pakistan!

PTCL RocKs mEn !! WorKs Perfect :)

If you live near exchange, get a PTCL dsl. if you don't then get LDN, Maxcom etc..

PtcL is best ... i also using PTCL ,it would be also better for students who get students pakege:)

you had to revive an year old topic to tell us that *facepalm*

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Try worldcall evdo, if it’s available in ur area

PTCl and Ldn sucks!


Is the coverage of world call available in areas Islamabad and Rawalpindi as well… ?

Still !!!!!!


Try 4Mbit in 2000Rs (50GB) Cap and 1000 more for unlimited!

I dont think PTCL do not work, It is good network , yes NayaTel may be an exceptional case in Islamabad.