Hg510 not connect with WAN device

Salam to all members, can anybody tell me how i use my WAN device with my PTCL DSL Modem Huawei Echolife Hg510

i have 4 MB PTCL connection and i give 4 connection in my neighborhoods now i want 2 members more my question is how could i connect my WAN device with my DSL Modem Huawei Hg510. what are the setting in router page or what ever can anybody helps me.

let me explain i connect one wire from DSL modem port to WAN port and take a wire from WAN device LAN port to my PC it connects successfully but no send/receiving at my PC. all lights works perfectly in WAN device but internet not works. what is the solution how i use the device accurately.

WAN port and LAN port are in WAN Device shown in pics attached

My WAN device pics