Hey Guys ! Please guide me about Computer Career:

Hey guys ! i didn't know where to post this topic , so i posted it here:

I want you guys guidance on this issue:

"The story is that since my young age i was interested in gaming n computer stuff, even before computer came in our home we had sega gaming console (connected on tv ), then after age 12 we got computer at our home, since then i was a lot interested in computers ,i studied computer subject in my 9th class, then at O levels i got 95% marks in computer subject , then at University level i was not able to get admit at Punjab university computer science dept. instead my dad got my admission in B.A(HONS.) Social sciences department , although i had zero interest in this subject but i carried on , i have been studying computer related things like software programming, C++ at home on my own, now i realized that i should have chosen computer science subject as a Bachelors degree because there is a lot more which i want to learn in computing.

the reason why its important for me is that if i had taken this as officially, my father would have supported me so much in learning computing. now i want to learn so much that it requires at least a basic seperate desktop or laptop.

my parents would have supported me if i was in B.S(Hons.) Computer science."

So what do you think should i do, i want to learn a lot in programming n stuff , should i change my degree course ? because Studying Social science degree in drenching a lot of my time, please guide me guys !

If you are in first year of BA (Hons.), you might change your field but if it is not, better carry on with your current program.

i have done 2 years of B.A(HONS) in Sociology, now 2 years are left , but even our classmates say that the degree is not worth it !

They are right!

Change your degree now if you have interest in the subject.....