Hero Pakistani Scratch Cards

If anyone can tell that what is Hero Pakistani scratch and match card and how it works.

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I don't know how if it has changed but in 2002 or something my friend bought one. It was a card which had 2 coatings on the back. You were supposed to scratch the top one and it revealed your prize. Then if you won something, for example if you won 1000 Rs then you would take the cad to a dealer and he would give you 1000 cash and scratch the second coating which would make the card useless for claiming the prize a second time.

I am not sure if that's how it works, perhaps i am confusing it with something else. Perhaps someone can clarify it.

the recent ones has two coating if u scratch both and the both are identical e.g both of them has 50Rs written then u won 50Rs other wise "Better luck next time".