Hero H2000 - New chinese Android Dual Sim unlocked phone

Hey everyone,

Just got hold of a chinese android phone, here's the link for specs:


I got this phone from a colleague who bought couple of these phones from Dubai for around 14k PKR. He wants to sell em for the same price, no warranty but all things as it comes with the box. Might be able to get him around 12k PKR. Lets see.

I compared it with Ideos that ufone and zong are offering and it beats it marginally. Its pro's is that it has a 3.5" 348*248(?) res screen. Android 2.2 installed, multitouch enabled. Its cons is that it has a less Mhz processor and 2MP camera.

Great looking phone. I wish i could add its pictures and videos.

But china with a android phone!! seems like sky is the limit baby!

China is already mass producing tablets with Android

^ Good to hear that. Why are khepia's not mass importing them yet???!

Not worth it i think.

320*480 resolution at 416 Mhz would totally make the phone laggy.

chines heroes are actually zeros

Processor not good enough.

Why not consider this: