Here is a little illuminati discovery i made

Upon reading this blog post i stumbled upon the internet i was kind of shocked to see the gesture explained which was even adopted by George Washington(below) the infamous freemasonary member. Here is the post for details.


The statue of liberty theory part is not shocking at all to me, the wierd part is that this hand gesture is just like the one adopted by the fourth president of Egypt Hosni Mubarak in the picture that follows. I saw this picture in the Dawn newspaper last weekend. That means there were illuminati minds working in Egypt for 30 years?


Moreover another shocking discovery i made upon looking at the masonic logo on the internet, the masonic symbol looks something like this,


And here is the Dawwar Al-Handasah roundaout in Jeddah. If you've been to Jeddah you would not have missed this,


Did you catch the resemblence? Or is this a mere coincidence? and we all know it's all americans building all the stuff in Saudi Arabia.


Nice, entertaining post. :)

maybe he didn't cut his finger nails, so hosni uncle thought why not hide the fingers in coat while picture is being taken

gud share though!

LMAO. Please tell me that the OP was not serious... ;)


Should have been posted in this thread :lol:

Thanks for the praise Ahmsum and Mazahyr, its truely encouraging.

Seriously there are people praising the producers of Arrivals(The documentary about all this evil societies) at their not-so-important references in the documentries. Like the checkered floor in madonnas song.. These ones are really important and how can someone miss them i mean. Even a naive person like me can spot them.

However both are quite significant, and are totally wierd aswell. I mean why would mubarak put his hand inside the coat just randomly... Or a compass be built in Jeddah without any thought, including the set square which is almost identical to free mason's symbol .. And yes ive seen this compass personally it's really huge.

I believe both clues have a untold purpose of pleasing someone else.

Anyways share some Pakistani free masons.

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Should have been posted in this thread :lol:


zazzoyo yar have admin team merge this thread with above thread. you posted some really funny stuff, good find!

There are hundreds of such symbols and icons everywhere in the world also in millions of products and such

And these are increasing more and more as the arrival of so-called messiah (i.e. dajjal) is nearing

Free masons in Pakistan? I bet even the illuminatis wont hire an idiot like Zardari whom everyone dislikes, they choose their chess pieces wisely.

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Free masons in Pakistan? I bet even the illuminatis wont hire an idiot like Zardari whom everyone dislikes, they choose their chess pieces wisely.

then who hired him?

Rather uncovering then a discovery I would say or a keen observation.... but that proves nothing.

That point I am trying to make is I like honey and one or another, I will get/getting the honey but what are the bees doing about it?

Also have you noticed how schools are now requiring children to buy geometry sets...and they make the children use this:


OMG I can't believe I never noticed it before... :o :O :o

I reckon please do not turn this thread by mockering off others theories, if you have islamic beliefs you should be aware the rise of dajjal is given in the Hadiths.

It is our responsibility to identify those who are in this evil organisation.

@firestorm.. dude im not sayin that geometry sets are in the evil schemes of the illuminatis.. However building a giant geometry set is just too odd.

@ Faisal.. I did not get your honey example.. it's out of my mental capabilities i guess :D

Edit: Wrong info changed.

@firestorm : ROFL!!!

And yes, there are freemasonic symbols all over the place. At Aitchison College, Lahore, you can notice, from a distant view and by precisely looking at the two present and one past boarding houses, Kelly, Godley and Leslie Jones that the Star Of David is built on all the pillars. Ill share a picture soon. And please dont flame the thread. Jis ke jo belief hey let them believe that way!

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ha......looks like DA VINCI CODE.....!!

we really need fatwa against "Geometry" subject in schools, how can we teach our students in metric class such an evil subject,

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@ Faisal… I did not get your honey example… it’s out of my mental capabilities i guess :D


You being a bee, realizing that someone is stealing/robing me off my honey…