Helpful Network Tweaks

For those of us who are using windows 7, Vista, there are some built-in new tech which are meant to improve network throughput and latency significantly (maybe/ maybe not). However, some of these options are not enabled by default. Therefore, I've included a link for internet connectivity evaluation tool from microsoft which will run and check whether your current router/ modem configuration will support these changes or not. Please run the tool using this link: (Only works on Internet Explorer as far as I know)

The Speed Guide itself:

Please read the entire guide very carefully. While there are some settings which most of you will already be familiar with, but I'm sure that you'll find something that would interest you nonetheless. However, for those who can't bear to go all that technical mumbo jumbo, though I highly recommend you do so, there's a software to make those changes too as well. But before running the software, make sure you run the evaluation tool first. Proceed with caution:

Link for the software:

Let me know if it makes any difference for you. Personally, one thing I've noticed after using it is that my maximum throughput is now consistent amongst all websites. All sites now load as they should on a 4Mbps connection. Ofcourse, everyone's mileage would vary, but it will interesting to see whether some of you folks manage to notice any differences.


Javed Khan