I have a old pc which i want to sell..How much i can sell it for?

The specs are

Pentium 4 3.0 Genuine Intel Processor with HT

1.5 GB RAM (Kingston)

250 GB Sata Hard Drive

40 GB IDE Hard Drive

LG DVD Combo Drive

Intel Board

Dell 15 Inch LCD in perfect Condition

A4Tech Full Business Wireless Keyboard and Mouse (Purchased few days ago the market price is 2200 RS)

Everything is in good condition except the casing which can be replaced easily as it's not a branded pc.Dell LCD is very good for gaming..So how much i can sell this whole thing for?

a guess 15-16 k rupees

Which Model of Board u Hav ?

what is ur Ram buss DDR400 / 533 / 667 / 800 ?

is there any warranty Remain for these Specs ?

Ram i think is 400 DDR or 533 (I am not too sure..)

Motherboard is Intel D915GLV.

No warranty because computer is almost 3 years old.

must be 400 coz that board doesn't supports ddr2

Are you interested in selling parts seperately, if so i might interested in the wireless keyboard and mouse and wud reuiwre the exact model so i get get some kinda reviews on that, thanks