Help with "trial period softwares"

I have downloaded some commercial software for windows, IDM, which comes as a trial version and apparently runs fully featured for a period of 30 days. Once this period has expired, the software will request for a registration key which can be obtained by paying for the licence.The program is excellent,it shows everything which I need & no doubt I won't be paying them after the trial period expires.However, I have been wondering about how the 30 day trial system works,since the software runs within its own folder inside my windows, what’s preventing me from simply deleting that folder at the end of the trial, and downloading the software again.Where to search for that key?IDM doesn't work after the expiry.I know how to use keygen and all those cracks but I avoid using them :P , any way out?

No Way Out Muhahhhhhh

That's pretty much the same, technically, as 'cracking' it with a keygen or something. You're getting a paid app for free, right?

The install info is probably saved in your system registry; you could search in there (Start > Run > regedit > CTRL+F) for references to the program yourself. Or try Revo Uninstaller, which has a scan function that does that for you pretty safely.

Thanks Revo Uninstaller did the job :D

thanx wzub .. i was looking for something like revo uninstaller too.. and its totally free.

^ will it work with photoshop's plug ins too?