HElp...with PCSX2 Bios Files

Hi, I have PCSX2 and I want to play GTA Vice City Stories...the Compatibility Chart shows that it is Playable....But I need to get Bios...Where Can I Download them

please help

Try this:

i got it from torrent it was a all in one torrent

hey, i just uploaded the SCPH-50004 V9 PAL to my server for my personal backup. It includes the newly required rom1, rom2 and erom files also. so a perfect bios. If you own a real PS2 with the SCPH-50004 model, you can legally keep a copy of its bios. Workign fine with PCSX2 0.9.4

direct link: 2.792MBs

I got all the bios but PCSX2 Didn't worked because my Graphic Card is very weak

It should support Pixel Shader 2.0

well, you're probably using a very old video card. currently, even onboard graphics support PS2.0 or above.

anyway, if you plan to upgrade to a new video card, make sure if supports atleast PS4.0