Help with Nintendo DS

i want a ds for my birthday present can someone tell me how much it costs and what r it's games prices and from where i can buy. If anyone selling i am interested.

i hav 1 DS with EZ Flash Cart and with 2GB Kingston Micro SD

with a 100 of latest games copied on 2 gb

an original game cart ranges from 1000-2000

but with EZ Flash u can download and play any game

email me or Messeage me at

Smart choice; the DS has more games available for it than any other system, with maybe the exception of PS2, and you can get em all online.

A new DS + EZ Flash + 2GB Kingston Micro SD should not cost you more than 11K at most

some points to look out for:

INSIST for a DS that has NOT been already setup: Get one that asks for the language/time/name settings etc. on startup

Buy and apply SCREEN PROTECTION COVERS before using your DS; otherwise it could get scratched up pretty fast! (specially if you lend it to idiot friends)