[HELP] Why my PTCL DSL speed is down to 17kb/s after 1PM..?




Why is it so that my DSL slow down after 1PM daily
]i used DSL before on ONU but that never behaved such way that was always constant @101kb/s (day/night)

its temporary down fall mine speed was 10kbps 2 days ago now its back to normal

^ you on copper or ONU?

from which site r u testing your speed??


This Website is S-H-I-T (Sorry - No offense) but i m getting (on torrent) 110-120KB on Download and 25KB - 35KB on Upload but this website showed me different result within the period of 5 min

at first it showed 700kbps on download and 100 kbps on upload and 2nd time it showed 2600kbps on download and 400 kbps on upload

I have 1Mbps connection

@corrupt i am not here to defend that site

but kindly have sight at the end of the screen shots above in my posts

in Last Results section the download speed is given in (parentheses)