Help - wants to buy lcd and dvd

Hi Guys, i wanna buy a LCD TV and a DVD supported USB so i can play avi files.

my range for tv is maximum 30000 and for dvd 6000

can anyone pls suggest me ?

Rather then going for LCD tv and dvd player separately you should invest that 6000 to your LCD budget with USB support (and can play downloaded movie content). Makro karachi is selling Samsung 32inch LCD with USB support at Rs.39k approx.

They are also selling Sony Bravia 32" for around 42k. Check if these LCD's can play AVI or movie files. for Televisions LCD LED PLASMAS for DVD Players


Buy whatever LCD suits your budget but for AVI files etc, go for WD TV Live, it will play you almost every format you can download from net including .MKV. For you info MKV is replacing AVI very fast, especially for HD media.

Yes WDTV Live would be much expensive then simple DVD player but take my words, you wont regret the extra amount, specially if you are into HD stuff.

p.s. wdtv live does not support FLV files though. On the other hands, tv or dvd with usb has quite limited support of downloaded media.