[HELP] Wanna buy Core2Duo System

Assalam-o-Alaikum Friends,

I want to buy a used core2duo System

my budget is no more than 15k-16k

Please help me :(

I am really Confused !!!

Wat is this machine for???

You can get used Core 2 Duo system with used LCD at this price, so what's the confusion. See here for used HP C2D system @ 10,000 http://www.czone.com.pk/html/used_systems_2.htm & here for used LCD @ 5000 http://www.czone.com.pk/html/used_lcd.htm. Galaxy Computers also have them or you can visit your local market for market survey.

Bro First take a trip to your local market, and then post your next comment here. So that you can have idea what you are talking about.

You'll at least know what is available and whats not, and then the experts like me will comment! :P

Thanks for the reply guyx :)

ok, Now I am confused between these two systems :

HP Compaq dc7700 and Dell Tower OptiPlex 745

HP Compaq dc7700 is in my budget and I can get it in 2.13ghz and 2gb Ram

but Optiplex 745 will not allow me that...:(

Can anyone tell me which one is better and why optiplex is expensive than HP compaq having same configuration???

PS: I need only CPU :P

HP system is desktop casing and allow CPU upgrade. Dell system is tower casing and allow adding graphic card for gaming but no CPU upgrade. If you are only interested in CPU upgrade then go with HP system but you will have to pay 1000 Rs. for this upgrade.

Go for the HP dc7700 as it will leave you with a wide variety of processors to upgrade to, just as RAK said that pay extra 1000rs. for the upgrade.

And i believe you'll be able to use e6700 processor on hp dc7700.

You haven't told what is the use of this PC?

I will buy HP dc7700 in tower casing. It will cost me 12,700.

but tell me whcih processor should I buy?

E6400, E6600 or E6700 ???

btw I will use it for Simple Graphic designing + Gaming :)

obviously E6700.

The built-in graphics would be just alright for the purpose but you might have to get a better 3d card.

[quote=“S-9, post:8, topic:15014”]

I will buy HP dc7700 in tower casing. It will cost me 12,700.


Yes! i also recommend this, tower casing leaves you much space to install additional hardware, the desktop versions is too slim.

U can buy core2dure system in yr budget. but if u want core2duo laptop then u need 20k to 25 k.

^I believe hp dc7700 and dell optiplex 745 are both Core2duo! :blink:

Yes both are core2duo systems :D

BTW how much will E6700 cost??? :/

and one more question : Do I 'really' need to buy a Stabilizer???

I don't know the exact price it should be somewhere near 7k. It would be better if you confirm it from your local market. Because i live in sialkot distance is long from Khi, so price may differ.

If you live in a place where load shedding happens and electricity fluctuates every now and then, then Yes! But even if there is no fluctuation stabilizer is recommended.

Ok then I will go for E6700

btw Thnx you very much for helping me :)