Help run time error 401

who can fix this error i am useing windows 7 64bit "Runtime error 401 - Can't show non modal form when modal form is displayed"

thnx for all in advance

Read the error carefully. It's saying all what it means.

you are trying to open or show a "non modal" form or dialog when another "modal" form or dialog is already shown/displayed.

The program execution holds on a modal form to require the user input and continues when the form is disposed. In the mean while you shouldn't try to open another non modal form in an application when a modal form is already visible.

Your requirement in the program might help any one to give you another solution.

And google about the difference bw modal and non-modal forms

any other comment plz help

^Firstly learn what modal and non modal is. A modal form needs to be closed or interacted with it, before you can open non modal.

It could be some program conflict!