Help required with TP Link TL-WR340G router with PTCL broadband modem

i recently bought a TP-Link TL-WR340G Broadband router to use additionally to my PTCL ZTE XDSL 831 series modem. I have tried to manually set up as well as running the wizard from the CD provided with the broadband router but I cant connect my PC to Modem through this broadband router. I make connection in such a way that the UTP cable out from ZTE modem enters the broadband router at its given port and then the connecting UTP cable from Broadband router to my PC LAN card. I have tried almost all what I could but this way it doesnt work, at all

The only way I have made it to work is that if I connect the UTP cable from modem into one of the 4 slots for individual workstations at back of broadband router and then another connecting cable into adjacent slot while the other end of this cable into the PC LAN. So this is the only way it works, but somehow my browsing gets interrupted after every 10-15 minutes, and the only way I can overcome that is to disconnect the LAN by right clicking the two blue tv icons in taskbar, clicking disable and then enabling them again. Similarly my Ipod touch and mobile phone wifi also stops browsing and the only way is to disconnect and reconnect or simply restart the broadband router.

This is now driving me nuts. I need some expert help to resolve this issue. Why is this thing occuring. Why is not working the normal way and only working in a strange way with frequent disconnections which can only be resolved by disconnecting and reconnecting. If I directly use the PTCL modem with my PC it works flawlessly. I have 2MB connection.

Please help



give ip to ur router and to zte modem and click auto dhcp

insert the blue line from modem to router den from router slot 1 to pc land card

I did that way, but still my browsing specially on wireless wifi devices like Ipod Touch and mobile phones get stuck every 4-5 minutes. Only way is to manually disconnect these devices and then connect again to wifi. Please help me getting rid of this problem

check dat ur using ptcl dns or open dns

this problem mostly occurs with ptcl dns

let me know abt it

I am using Open SNS. I checked in my settings. Its Open DNS. However as compared to previous episodes these disconnections are less frequent now

reviving an old thread.. but how do you configure auto dns

^ where? in the router or in your pc?

the router ofc...

if i leave it blank, the net doesn't work..

^strange...your router is not getting DNS automatically?

I mean there should be 2 settings..."Use Auto Discovered DNS Server Only' and 'Use User' Discovered DNS Server Only'

If you select Use Auto Discovered DNS Server Only then you do not get an option to leave it blank or enter something....