Help Required with AN1020-25

I have very wierd problem going on with my network.

I have got 1mb dsl line over ptcl's an1020-25 dsl/wifi router.

I have two laptops Dell latitude D610 and HP pavilion tx1000 connected to my modem via built in wireless adapters.

Dell has XP sp2 installed on it and other one is running win7.

It was working pretty fine till yesterday when both of my start prompting "limited or no connectivity" over their task bars. I have tried every trick but it seems no use of my efforts.

Please sort this problem out for me.


Waqas Yousaf

I have searched various website and all of em were emphasizing upon the router's dhcp auto assignment failure.. if there's any way i can still fix it?

here are router console screenshots

if it is not assigning an ip automatically (i am guessing that's auto dhcp is for)

you can either assign the ip manually on your laptop or bind your mac id with a specific ip..

Are you sure the problem is with DHCP and not DSL?

I mean on your modem, is the dsl light stable? and is the internet light on?

Is your modem getting an IP address from PTCL?

If it is getting, then post your modem LAN settings image here..