Help required to get rid of a deadly Virus!

Hi guys. I always keep an anti virus on my system and usually keep it updated. But for some reason, I did not install an anti virus for a few weeks,but kept using internet. During that period my System got infected with a virus that has littrally ruined me. At first it would logg off the windows at the start up. I re installed the windows and then tried to install an anti virus first. That damned virus was hidden in another partition and it would not let me install any anti virus. Finally it FORMATTED MY 80 GB HAD DRIVE!!!! Luckyly, Some of my uretriveable data was in an other physicall hard drive. But I've still got that Virus. Any suggetions? How can I get rid of it? Any help will be appriciated.

You still have a virus after a full format?! :/

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You still have a virus after a full format?! :confused:

the virus might be there is second drive and copied itself again to the first drive

A few months back my system was totally infected, i couldnt install anything. My antivirus stopped working. I thought of everything but i didnt want to format or lose any data. I didnt even have the choice of taking my hard disk to another pc to get it cleaned

I tried this forum and they helped me through it. This is the link to my problem and you can see they are very helpfull :)

I guess your best bet is to go there and ask for help.