Help required playing CS source

I've only watched videos about the game never happen to play the game really.

Now i've downloaded the CS source non-steam. I was unable to find servers,How to play it online?

And whats steam and non-steam servers?

My pc spec: 3ghz ht P4, 1gb ddr ram, radeon hd 2600pro 512mb ddr2, 320gb hard disk and using using 1mb ptcl dsl.

Please guide in detail, coz i'm totally new to this game.

Non-Steam = Free.

Steam = Must have Steam Account (whic take money).

this is the most simple defination in my mind rite now :D.



Open CS:Source > Find Servers > Favourites > Right Click (any where) > Add server

then add following IP's.


Enjoy :)


Add these servers to your favorites:

^Thanks also.(At least there was one new server

I've two questions:-

1.IS there any tutorial/Practice mode in counter strike source?

2.And whats the Cost of playing on steam. Is it one time paid fee or yearly.

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^Thanks also.(At least there was one new server

I’ve two questions:-

1.IS there any tutorial/Practice mode in counter strike source?

2.And whats the Cost of playing on steam. Is it one time paid fee or yearly.


1. Yes . Open CS > New Game > Select Map > Set Map and Bot* settings > Start Server. (play with bots)

2. One time paid till VALVE update there CS Engine Versions. (they update server mostly within a 2…3 yrs)

*Bot = Computer Player.

What's the difference between cs1.6 and cs: source?

I want to play source too.

Are there any new features?

^I don't know as i've not played CS 1.6 . But i liked the game its really thrilling, where no one takes advantage over another, you just have to be quick.


Nice pic(i didn't liked your last one).

I was wondering should i play on server with low latency, am i right or not.

Low latency server is the fast server

Thanks alot. all of you.

At the moment i'm practicing, playing with bots. There is a lot of difference between bots and when playing with humans.

1.Then what should be the difficulty level in your opinion while practice to make a real master at the game when playing at Pakistani servers.

2.Another question can i play with outside servers not located in


3. And how do i know if its a steam or non-steam server.

If you want to be a master than you should be practicing online with human players

You can play on outside servers but you don't get good ping on the servers that can make game lag

Russian servers give good ping

There are seperate websites that lists cracked/non-steam servers

Hy Guys PTCL now using SXE to prevent cheats. I am facing some problem. I downloaded SXE 7.8 Fix 1 but whenever I tried to play CS an error pops in " Intercepting Error SXE will close now ". Please help me how can I prevent this error


Do you have any firewall? Zone alarm or anyother?

Yeah I have Comodo Firewall and I already add SXE as Trusted Software and also I add exception in windows Firewall but still not working and by the way I am using Avira Anti virus but I dont think so that Avira making any disturbance to SXE

Delete firewall, reboot and then run sxe

^ from where did you got SXE ???

link plz!!1

^thanks a lot

I uninstall my firewall and anti virus but still getting same error. Someone told me that it might be I have CS 1.6 with some old patches (I really don't know how to check the patch number in my CS) so anyone have link from where I can download CS 1.6 with some latest patches. I tried to google but can't find any link from I can get clean and cracked :) copy.