Help required in searching songs

Hey Guyz.....WhatsUP!!!

Quickly,,,,,,tell me where can I download these songs from?

1. 1992 world cup song which was I think, "the world is coming down, the flags are up........." actually called "who rules the world"

2. dil ka diya,,,,not the original one, neither the dance mix nor the rnb mix,,,I need one another mix of this song done by Omer Nadeem, not by roxen which is called "bujh hai gaya" , I don't want that one either. What I am looking for is "dil ka diya" but one strange mix of it> All over the internet, its dance mix, rnb mix and original versions are available but not the one I want. I heard that mix last night on fm103 at around 3:45 am...

3. This is going to be tough. I am looking for Vital Signs first album...which was released before vital signs 1 and dil dil pakistan..

search youtube you will find one

Isn't it The Final Countdown by Europe? (for the cricket one)

I can't remember the exact lyrics, but... well... it's just a random shot.

find in these sites

no shaheerk that was the different one. my fav song thu. :)

was there any album before Vital Signs 1? if it was then i need that too.

"youtube" of course I know youtube will help me but I need those proper mp3s with at least 120 bit sound,

"final countdown" was the official cricket song for world cup 1989 or 1988, but I want the song which was played all over the country when Imran Khan the great with his team brought the world cup here. The song is officially called "who rules the world", can't find its proper mp3......I recently heard this song in a car passing by, when we won T20 in june this year..

radioreloaded, I'm gonna try, and doesn't have it, in fact, none of those which I want.

Yes, there was one album which was released before Vital Signs 1, in which JJ andRohail Hyat, Shehzad Hasan, Nusrat Hussain, Amir Zaki etc etc... did all those covers of George Micheal and those of 80s hits. I know, for sure, that this is one full album pretty well recorded but where it is, someone might know..

Thanks guyz haan! for your responses...

You know what! I finally, finally, finally got the song "who rules the world" official icc cricket world cup song for the year 1992...........I am soooooooo good................

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You know what! I finally, finally, finally got the song “who rules the world” official icc cricket world cup song for the year 1992…I am soooooooo good…

can you share it pleeeeeease ??

I also needed it.

google it :)

hi i want a song but dont know its name.

if any body saw "dance flick 2009" movie then can you tell what is the name of song that thomas said his fav. song in the club.

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“The Final Countdown” was not the one I was searching for…I wanted “who rules the world” 1992 world cup song not 1989 world cup song…

I can upload it on 4shared, if anyone wants me to…


Please upload it... I want it...

thank you brother to share the songs link with us, keep it up

search songs this way

you can search with youtube and then copy the link of the songs to to convert them to mp3. is better way for you