Help regarding Ccleaner

i m using firefox 3 and Ccleaner also

now the problem is that Ccleaner is not clearing the cache of firefox not even Tuneup is cleaning so

can anybody tell me how to clear the cache of firefox

In Firefox: Tools > Options > Privacy > Bottom of window, Privacy Data, click Clear Now

You should also check the settings right above the Clear Now button to make sure cache clearing is selected.

may b there is a plugin for it

check it

No need for a plugin as Firefox can do it on its own.

CCleaner should also be able to do it, but are you sure you've got the latest version and has Firefox shut down completely?

in Ccleaner, in firfox category all options are checked, but after completion of clean it says that firefox cache is skipped to clear.

i have the latest version of firefox and Ccleaner as well