Help Regardiing Buying a Desktop

em not looking to buy it from members i just need to ask a few questions regarding specs and prices .. so i think Buy Sell/trade wasnt the right place to post this

well the specs i was going for are

Processor = Intel i3 - 540


3d Card = 1 Gb

Hard Disk = 250 gb

Mother Board = Dell

now i wud like to ask sum questions

how much do u think it will cost me if i get a computer based on these specs

i have estimated 35-40 k after looking at online prices

and i am from rawalpindi .. i herd i can get it at a cheerer rate in Lahore

so how much cheaper i can get it from lahoer .. if its around 8-10k less i can go to lahore over the weekend

and suggestios on 3D card

i want some cheap good one .. which company and model shud i go for

my budget is around 35k .. so any changes i shud make in specs to keep the budget with in range and still be able to use the computer for gaming

maybe go for i3 530 instead ??

and last question

shud i get DDR 3 or DDR 2 ram

and whats the price difference

increase your ram upto atleast 4gb

mention which casing r you going for and mobo also

(only choose asus boards for gaming)

Intel Core i Processors only supports DDR-3 ram

--first of all there are no dell motherboards available separately and new so it will have to be a intel or asus board.

--you will have to buy ddr3 ram as stated above. But if you for a dual core system it will be a cheaper dual core ram

--what kind of 3d card do you want,,,what games will you be playing

Again I think you should go for a core 2 duo or dual core processor in the system because core i3 and a good graphic card will not fit in your budget.

If you want a idea of a good dual core system then see the previous post where i have suggested a good dual core system for 35-40 k. Here's the link to it:

well i want aming

assasins creed

modren ware fare 2

god father 2

all the new games :P

i knw em asking to much for too less of a budget

you have asked the following questions and i have tried to provide the best answers i can. Please post in your own thread because it can get a little confusing and let the other guy ask his own questions in the other thread

--hjcool: is 2.93 ghz dual shud be good enuf for gaming now.but how much longer do u think its gonna work .. will it be good enuf to last 1-2 years


--yes it should be good enough but the ram motherboard for 2.93 is expensive so as in the previous post i have suggested you should go for dual core instead of core i3, it should last you another another 2 years no problems.


hjcool:...i dnt mind playing games on low settings .. graphics are not all that appealing to me i wud prefer low graphix and better game play.

GPU and 3D card are same or diffrent.

and i googled the GPU u mentioned cudnt find anything on net on it

so a lil help there.

and is 512 good enuf or shud we got for 1gb GPU ??how much is the price diffrence regarding computers in lahore and rwp


--there is no such thing as low graphic and better game play, low graphic = poor game play, and onboard graphics of any intel processor and motherboard are poor, take it for someone who has been in the computer industry for 20 years.gpu and 3d card are same.

--here is a link to core i3 2.93 graphics:

--512 ram on 3d card is good enough provided graphic card is strong

--there is no price difference in lhr or rwp regarding computers


hjcool--what if i got for some second hand parts

we can get hard disk second hand at quite cheap price

and 3D cards aswell (dnt knw bout GPU)

all i need is a CPU and well the casing cud be ugly as hell i wnt care ..


never get second hand drive because most second hand hard drives dont run for very long. Second hand 3d cards you can get but again there is a risk.

Now second hand casing I can recomend, you can easily pick up a second hand chinese casing for 500 rs which will be good enough for your system.

I have just noticed that your budget is only 35 k for a system, therefore I recommend to you the following system:

mobo: Asus P5KPL-AM Second Edition. rs 4350 (new)

pro: E6500 2.93 GHZ dual core. rs 6800 (new)

Ram: 2 gb ram ddr 2 800 bus. rs 3700 (new)

case: any chinese second hand case: 500 rs

power supply:COOLER MASTER 460W rs. 3800 (new)

Gpu/3d card

for gaming: XFX Radeon PCI Express Slot HD4850 512MB, 256 bit rs. 10800 (new)

dvd rom: samsung dvd rom 1600 (new)

Hard disk: 250 seagate gb sata rs. 3500 (new)

total: 35050 (only 50 rs over the budget... :) )

this above system should still be able to play all the games you asked about in good settings.

thnx jack


maybe i can get an additional 2-3k from my parents so if i had the extra money

shud i go for

XFX Radeon PCI Express Slot HD4850 512MB



how much is the difference in performance ....?? if its alot i might be able to get the extra buck to buy it

and if i go for Chinese casing

will their be a heating problem as the COOLER MASTER CHASSIS CM ELITE 333

as it has 2 fans and provides much better cooling ??

and well temperature here in rwp does tend to get quite high during summers

one more question :P

u suggested

INNO3d GT240 GeForce PCX 1GB (128-BITS) DDR3 to the other guy

so which is better

XFX Radeon PCI Express Slot HD4850 512MB




INNO3d GT240 GeForce PCX 1GB (128-BITS) DDR3

the first 2 aer 512 mb and the last one is 1 gb but u said u will be able to play on normal and the last one is cheaper

so which one is better if i go for core 2 duo as I3 is out of my reach

hey jack and all...i have a Core2Quad 2.66Ghz and now i want to do some gaming lyk GTA IV assain creed and stuff lyk this or any new i'm upgrading my 1GB DDR-3 RAM to 3GB-DDR3 due to budget constraints adding a 2gigs module....i have a ASUS wat i want u to do is suggest me a powerfull GPU tht i can use wid this system and stat playing games and it should be future proof too.!

Whats your Budget?

Which PSU do you have?

Mazahyr..please give me the full details of your pc and your budget and I can recommend a card

hjcool..pls read my latest post, I have recommended the 4850 or 5750 to fahad as well but his budget is low. If you can manage get the 5750 as it is future proof and should be powerful enough for the games you play. The difference between a gt 240 and 5750 is a lot. 5750 is way more powerful.

Chinese cases come with capacity of 5 fans sometimes, so you just have to look around to find a good chinese case which has one or 2 fans blowing in and one or 2 fan blowing out. You may have to buy the the fans separately, but as they only cost 50 -80 rs each they are cheap.

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

Whats your Budget?

Which PSU do you have?


ah budget!! tht i can answer…its lyk if the product really worth it then i’ll increase my budget…but i guess 10K for a GPU shld be enuff…and abt the PSU i guess i didn’t buy any…its the same but gud quality 400Watts PSU…came with the casing…!

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

Mazahyr…please give me the full details of your pc and your budget and I can recommend a card


CPU: Q8400 C2Q 2.66Ghz

Mobo: ASUS P5G41T-M LX


RAM: 1GB DDR-3 @ 1033Mhz(gonna boost tht to 3)


Mazahyr: --its the same but gud quality 400Watts PSU....came with the casing...!

now wat i want u to do is suggest me a powerfull GPU tht i can use wid this system and stat playing games and it should be future proof too.!


so you mean to say it is a chinese low grade power supply which came with the case. I suggest you get at least a cooler master 460 watts for 3800 rs. You don't want to damage your expensive system by giving it less power.

For future proofing you have to go for a direct x 11 card. I suggest you increase your budget to get HIS 5750 512 mb card for 12000 rs which is a direct x 11 card and should be able to play the newer games that you are looking for.

This card (5750) also recommends a 460 w power supply and most power supplies that come with a normal chinese case are low grade and give upto 200-300 watts which is not enough for your system.


i think u made a lil mistake here

HIS 5750 512 requireres 450 W

but the casing + PSU u suggested to the other guy was


so isent that less power ??

whats the diffrence between

Intel Core Duo 2 and Intel Pentium with 2 cores

like i knw it has 1 M less cache then Core Duo 2

but how will that affect the gaming experience

and games which require intel Core Duo 2 will they work on Intel Pentium 2 Core

coz both have the same clock speed

so if it says Intel Core duo 2 2.93 Ghz

will it work on Intel Pentium 2 core 2.93 ghz \?? 240, 4850, 5750 should run fine on a 420 w power supply also, but the 420 w cooler master is not available separately as far as i know. 460 w however is. The other guy doesnt need to spend extra on a casing so I recommended the 460w. If the 420 w is available seperately I would have recommended that one.

In the end there is little difference between the 420w or 460 w. For more information please see below:,2122.html

Pentium dual core have less l2 cache as you said , core 2 duo have more l2 cache but as cheap (new) core 2 duo processors are running short in the market, so I recommended a pentium dual.

Games which require intel core 2 duo???,,,what games do you mean specifically??

For example FIFA 2011

minimum requirements

Intel Processor - Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4GHz

so will it work on the processor u suggsested as its clock speed is more then the E6600 ??

but its not Core 2 Duo

fifa 2011 should work fine with a e6500 dual core and a ati 4850 with 2 gb ram.

you have said minimum requirement is core 2 duo e6600 2.4. Will if you go to the website below

go in the middle and put in your future pc components (2 gb ram etc etc) that i have recomended. You will see that the fifa 2011 game website gives it a almost 99 % surety that the game will work.

cpu = 94 %

graf = 99%

ram = 94 %

Now whatever other game you intend to play, google the game by its name and go to their website and you will see that they will give something similar to the above website. If not then you can read reviews on other forums by people who are already playing the games you intend to play :)

By the way when do you intend on buying your computer???

Thanx alot jack

here is the PC i em opting for

i visited the market today and finalized the specs

got ok on budget from mom and well will get from dad by evening so i can get the pc by tmrow

Pro = E6500 Dual Core 2.93ghz RS 6500

Mobo = Asus P5KPL RS 4100

RAM = 2 GB DDR 2 RS 3600

HDD = 250 GB Sata RS 3400

Casing = Cool Master Elite 333 1300

PSU= Cool Master 4610 W RS 3900 (gonna replace the 420 W with a 460 W just to be safe as GPU requires 450 W.. BETTER SAVE THAN SORRY)

Samsung DVD WRITTER RS 2100

GPU = His 5750 ATI PCX ICOOLER IV 512MB 11950

TOTAL = 36580

again jack

dude thanks alot ...

and yah a warning

this system better give me 2 years of gameplay or em comming after u :P ( kidding xD )